Exceptional quality window shutters.

Our Shutters are produced using state of the art manufacturing techniques and high quality finishes. All our stiles have a strengthening core inside to prevent warping, with a mortise and tenon joint between all rails and stiles. The Cheaper options on the market are glued instead of a mortise and tenon joint which will result in shrinkage overtime increasing undesired light exposure. Our multiple frame options allow for scribed inside recess fitting or framing recesses with styled beaded frames.

Shutter Panels benefit from hidden magnet closures and less light infiltration.​


With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production techniques  and a long term trust with the manufacturing techniques, these shutters simply stand out from the rest of the market.

Having been part of the creation of one of the largest suppliers of plantation Shutters in Britain, Richmond (Richmond Design Solutions) now dedicates its experience in both design and build to offer competitively priced plantation shutters to both  the commercial and domestic property market.

- 01

Bathroom plantation shutters ideal for harsh environments such as wet rooms, showers and kitchen sink areas.

- 02

MDF shutter range is for people who just want great quality shutters that will last for years.

- 03
The Cambridge Shutter is technically at the pinnacle of shutter design. Attractive, beautifully designed and a simple choice.
- 04

A beautifully crafted solid Abachi hardwood / MDF shutter at an affordable price.

- 05

The Ottawa plantation shutter range is made in a very light, hardwood timber offering a superb character look, stained and paint finished.

- 06

Solid wooden shutters offering a degree of flexibility, security & noise reduction that is simply not possible with most other shading options. 

Colour and woodsman chart for Shutters.
graphic of cafe style shutter
FULL HEIGHT with optional solid base.
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