20 Years Experience!

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is incomparable. I provide inpartial advice to home owners about window shutter products they can rely on.

Our Plantation Shutters are produced using state of the art manufacturing techniques and high quality finishes. All our stiles have a strengthening core inside to prevent warping, with a mortise and tenon joint between all rails and stiles. There are cheaper options on the market but are glued instead and are not as sturdy resulting shutter degrading quickly over time.

Multiple frame options allow for fitting of most window types, from scribed inside recess fitting to outside edge. Benefit from hidden magnet closure and less light infiltration.

Having been part of the creation of one of the largest suppliers of plantation Shutters in Britain, Richmond Shutters.co.uk (Richmond Design Solutions) now dedicates its experience in both design and build to offer competitively priced plantation shutters to both  the commercial and domestic property market.




Richmond Shutters is owned and run by its chief designer, Mark Sanger.
There's no sales people involved!

  • Our shutters are designed to suit your requirements and the openings themselves. With our shutter and design experience we listen to what your requirements are, take into account needs and budget and advise accordingly.
  • We will never use hard-sell tactics to get you to commit to buying a product that you have uncertainties about.
  • We always provide honest & impartial advice, and will only provide product recommendations based on the brief that you give to us.
  • Mark Sanger has over 20 years’ experience in the design & build business and has a keen eye for for that perfect look. Clients return to him time and time again for expert advice & guidance on the design and installation of shutters for their homes and businesses. 
picture of mark sanger
Mark Sanger
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